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WP site builder has become part of my life for making websites for my business and services.

Hi! I’m Jornes, the principal author of this site( First, I will share the favourite site builders I’ve been using.

A little about me: my primary field is design and custom-built cabinets for residential customers. Mainly are kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. I’ve been doing this for over a decade. Before involving in this industry, I was a web lover; at that time, I wanted to learn everything about creating a good website. So, I spent a lot of time learning coding(HTML&CSS).

In 2012, I started my cabinet business. As a web lover, I built the website for my business(to save on budget). The first website was built from scratch(I coded it and converted the site into WordPress to use its blogging feature) and for commercial purposes when I started my business in cabinet design.

Then, I was planning to redesign the website I had built. But I was already tired of writing code for the website. So, I looked for a site builder.

My first Site Builder was Divi.

Then, I searched, found Divi Builder, and bought their plan for lifetime access. That’s where my site builder journal began. One of the reasons I decided to try out Divi is that their advertising was aggressive. So, their ads kept popping out in my FB news feed. I once suspected FB could read our minds.

Divi Site Builder from Elegant Themes
Divi Builder

I was excited and started to work on the website revamping with the newly bought site builder(Divi). Then I found there was something not right. I checked its performance when I created the first page, and I noticed the output was so heavy and the site loading speed was so slow as the loading icon kept spinning for more than ten seconds. Just a simple page with less than ten optimized images, but the page size was 2MB. OMG…That’s crazy and ridiculous.

When I further investigated it, I noticed many unnecessary items loaded on the site, making the site bloated with those things. No matter how I optimized the site, it didn’t help much. When I checked with their support(and also their FB group), they advised me to use decent web hosting to make the website faster loading. I just felt like this is an unacceptable reason to use a builder. I wanted a site builder that would generate a clean code website. Unfortunately, Divi did not meet my expectation.

Despite those disadvantages, Divi Builder is still a good site builder as it’s feature-rich compared to other builders in the market. It is suitable for web beginners as it has a beginner-friendly UI and comes with many premade templates to start with for a business website. With just a few clicks away, you can quickly build a website for your business with those premade layout packs.

However, this is not the right builder for my clean code website. So, I began to look for another builder to continue the website revamp.

Elementor Site Builder

The next builder after Divi was Elementor.

Elementor Site Builder

Again, I created one page with it and tested the speed; the most significant difference I noticed was the site’s and the editor’s loading speed. First, it loads much faster than Divi Builder(I compared differentiation with the same hosting). Secondly, I noticed its UI is much better than the Divi as its UI is much more beginner-friendly. It has an extensive library for premade block layouts and templates, so a newbie can quickly start making a complete site with it. Finally, I created an entire website with Elementor Pro.

Unfortunately, Elementor has the same issue as Divi Builder, which is bloated. Other than Bloat, Elementor Builder was always stuck(unable to open the editor). The worst part is that you have to worry about every new update. In addition, new updates are constantly breaking sites, making users afraid to update their websites’ plugins.

If you are a web beginner that doesn’t care about the performance of the site, doesn’t care about the bloat, or wants an utterly drag-and-drop site builder that works for you, you can consider Elementor.

Oxygen Builder

Since the above site builders did not meet my expectations, I looked for another builder again. Then I found Oxygen Builder.

Oxygen Site Builder
Oxygen Builder

After I went through some info about this builder and saw some websites created with it, I noticed their output was clean, and the builder looked promising. I thought then, “finally, I found a builder that meets my requirements”. And then I bought their Ultimate Plan(selling for $239 previously). The plans on their pricing page are all lifetime deals.

Now, the price for Oxygen Builder has dropped to $149. As many have said, they want to get some funds from Oxygen to develop their new Breakdance builder. And many have been disappointed with this decision the CEO made. Not sure if this is true.

The native features in this builder are excellent (some need improvements). I loved it. If you need some external addons, a few choices are available on the market. The ridiculous stuff in this builder is that some basic features that were supposed to have natively need to be provided by a 3rd party addon like Hydrogen Pack(example: copy/paste elements). After users have asked for it for years, they have finally added this to the builder.

Honestly, I didn’t make a site with this builder even though I bought it. The main reason was that the editor took a long time to load(about 2 minutes every time). When I asked this question in their group, I received much feedback from their users that asked me to use decent hosting and upgrade my computer spec(someone even asked me to change my computer to MAC. I felt like Not again!! Why does it sound like users in Divi?

From my perspective, the editor taking more than 30 seconds to open is a failed product as it would consume a lot of my time(I can even finish up a box of popcorn). In other words, it is wasting my life. So, I had to look for another builder again. Finally, I noticed a great builder from Oxygen FB Group(if I remember correctly).

Bricks Builder

The great builder that I was saying is Bricks Builder. So can say that I finally found a great builder that meets my expectations and requirements.

Bricks WP Site Builder
Bricks Builder

The lead dev behind this builder is the same man that builds HappyFiles. When I got to know Bricks Builder, it was still new(version 1.0), and all the users who bought their licenses at that time were the first batch of early adopters. I am happy that I am part of it.

Bricks Builder is carefully crafted and runs on the latest, most modern Vue.js 3 framework (inside the builder). The front end uses an intelligent asset-loading solution, clean markup, and magic.

Bricks Builder UI in Dark Mode
Bricks Builder UI in Dark Mode

Bricks builder generates lightweight websites as it outputs websites in clean code, especially since it has the option to add the IDs dynamically.

Add IDs & classes as Needed
Add IDs & classes as Needed.

What does “Add Element ID & Class as needed” mean?

The ID will not be added to your HTML output if you don’t style your element with the ID.

I provided two examples below.

You won’t see any IDs on the page when this option is enabled.

<section class="brxe-section yourcustomclass">
  <div class="brxe-container yourcustomclass">
    <div class="brxe-block yourcustomclass">
      Your content here

When this option is disabled, you will see the IDs on the page.

<section id="brxe-djhdoi" class="brxe-djhdoi brxe-section yourcustomclass">
  <div id="brxe-usoiuo" class="brxe-usoiuo brxe-container yourcustomclass">
    <div class="brxe-block yourcustomclass">
      Your content here

Did you see the difference?

Bricks Builder also supports Advanced Custom Fields, Meta box, JetEngine (since Bricks 1.4), Pods, Toolset, CMB2, or any other WordPress custom fields.

So, Bricks Builder is the builder I wanted from the beginning.

Highlighted Native Features in Bricks

  • Element Conditions(newly implemented)
  • Counter Element
  • Copy & paste global elements cross-site
  • Advanced WooCommerce Builder(design almost every section)
  • Custom Breakpoints
  • Custom CSS per breakpoint
  • Infinite Scrolling(for loop query)
  • Advanced Header Builder
  • Advanced Product Filters for loop query
  • Removed Jquery
  • Powerful Theme Styler
  • And many more

If you don’t own a Brick’s license, I suggest you buy it before the price changes soon.

I will explain more about Bricks Builder in a separate post later.

Zion Builder

The last site builder I want to talk about is the Zion Builder.

Zion Site Builder
Zion Builder

Other than Bricks Builder, Zion Builder is another builder that I like the most. When I first tried the editor, I was impressed by the builder’s speed. The editor was fully loaded in 2 seconds(slightly faster than Bricks). It’s blazing fast.

Zion is also built with the most modern Vue.js 3 framework (inside the builder).

Zion’s User Interface

When I was new to Zion, I felt its UI looked like Divi Builder. For example, the way you add layout, section, column, and create header/footer is almost the same step. Anyway, everything in Zion Builder works so much better than Divi Builder. Its UI is easier to use, and it has class styling and a powerful repeater that allows you to custom-build any post loop you want for your site.

Highlighted Native Features in Zion

  • Mega Menu Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • One-click host Google fonts locally(no uploading required)
  • Slider builder using a repeater
  • Copy/Paste any elements
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Advanced Hover(child selectors)
  • ACF & Meta Box Integration
  • Condition Visibility
  • Custom Breakpoints
  • And many more

If you don’t own a Zion license, buy it now and start your first website with Zion.

Lastly, Thank you for reading! Honestly, English is not my native language. So, I used a well-known grammar checker to check the entire article.

This post may contain affiliate links. See the disclosure about affiliate links here.

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