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  • 🏡✨ Exciting news! I've recently completed a stunning project at Duta Park Residences, KL. Elevate your space with our premium kitchen cabinets, meticulously crafted for style, functionality, and eco-friendliness.
Our cabinets feature E0 melamine panels with a gloss finish, ensuring low formaldehyde emissions for a healthier home environment. With E1 melamine carcasses and a commitment to quality materials, our cabinets are not only stylish but also durable and eco-conscious.
📞 Need expert advice? Call me at 014-338-2833 to discuss your project requirements and schedule a consultation.
📧 For inquiries or to request a quote, email us at team is ready to assist you in bringing your vision to life.
🌐 Visit our website at to explore more of our projects and learn about our services. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your space with our exceptional craftsmanship!
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  • #Kitchencabinet installation is in Duta Park #Residences. #dutapark  #condoMaterials:
Cabinet carcass: #Melamine E1
Cabinet door: #MelamineE0
Worktop: #QuartzTopHave a unit here? Please contact me at 014-338 2833 now!  Call or WhatsApp.
  • 🌟 Just completed a fantastic project at Templer Residences near Anggun City, Rawang! 🌟Optimized the kitchen and master bedroom wardrobe to perfection. Check out the sleek E1 melamine cabinets, durable sintered stone worktop, and custom wardrobe design.See the full project gallery here: inquiries, contact me at 014-338 2833 or #ViewInCabinet #TemplerResidences #HomeImprovement #jornes #kitchencabinet #wardrobedesign #rawang
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  • Introducing our exclusive E Plus Green Series wardrobe, where sustainability meets style! Dive into eco-friendly fashion with our curated collection of chic essentials. Elevate your wardrobe while reducing your carbon footprint.
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  • Excited to share a ⭐️ rave review from a happy client! Just finished their kitchen cabinet 🍽️ and a shoe cabinet 👞 project, and their feedback is beyond gratifying.
Thanks for the chance to make their space shine!
Visit my website to explore more:
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  • A sleek study table with a modern twist, complemented by the warmth of wood and accented by a stylish fluted panel on the wall. Explore this contemporary masterpiece and elevate your study space!
Ready to turn your study space into an inspiring sanctuary? Contact me at 014-338 2833 or Let's create your dream study space together! 💬
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